Red Zone



Use these lights in the DAYTIME.  Suitable for night also.

Be visible from all angles in all conditions, day or night.

Enjoy more space on the road and more respect from vehicle traffic.

More info below: inclusions, settings, instructions, 3D model.

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NiteFlux Red Zone has a strong polycarbonate body with a single ended opening (for USB recharging) with o-ring seal. The Red Zone series achieve exceptional visibility with up to 1000lm (in red) over 300 degrees viewing angle. That is around 20x what other lights can deliver and is easily seen well past horizontal. These lights allow you to be seen in any conditions, from any position.

The red zone series has been all around the world since 2011 and in 2022 the new rz1000 pushes the envelope of what can be achieved in a rear light, whilst remaining simple and reliable.

We make this series of lights on request in white, and other colours, including red and blue wig-wag style for emergency services.  Please contact us if you want something made and we can usually do it in just a few days.


  • Use these lights on high power in the DAYTIME. Also lower power settings for night time, and for group rides.
  • Wide viewing angle makes perfect for mounting on bags and helmets. Remain seen as you bend, twist and move.
  • Very simple and very secure mounting.
  • Integrated Li-Ion battery.
  • USB rechargeable. Plug into your computer, ipod charger, or any other USB style charger.
  • Runtime indicator at turn-on and turn-off.
  • Wide range of power and flashing options, user selectable. Something for everyone and yet still very simple to use when riding.
  • Totally waterproof (IP67 & IP66) and chemical resistant. Extended warranty options available up to 3 years.
  • Dimensions: 95mm long x 30mm round.
  • Weight: 80g.

Additional information

Weight 150 g
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 3 cm
light output

300lm, 600lm, 1000lm


  • red zone light unit
    • main body.
    • removable cap and o-ring seal.
  • USB mini charger cable.  USB-C cable included for new rz1000.
  • 1x strong velcro strap.
  • 2x adhesive velcro dot pairs to assist attachment by strap.
  • 2x releasable cable ties.

power and runtimes

Rz1000 Rz600 Rz300
Solid 2.5W 275  lm 4      hrs 2W 150  lm 4      hrs 1W 75    lm 8      hrs
Solid 1.25W 150  lm 8      hrs 1W 75    lm 8      hrs 0.5W 40    lm 16    hrs
Solid 0.625W 80    lm 16    hrs 0.5W 40    lm 16    hrs 0.25W 20    lm 32    hrs
Flash 10W 1000 lm 4      hrs 8W 600  lm 4      hrs 4W 300  lm 8      hrs
Flash 6W 600  lm 8      hrs 6W 450  lm 6      hrs 3W 220  lm 12    hrs
Flash 4W 400  lm 12    hrs 4W 300  lm 8    hrs 2W 150  lm 16    hrs
Flash 2W 200  lm 24    hrs 2W 150  lm 16    hrs 1W 75    lm 32    hrs
Flash 0.25W 30    lm 100+hrs 0.25W 20    lm 100+hrs 0.25W 20    lm 100+hrs
Recharge 8hrs Recharge 6hrs Recharge 6hrs

Too many power settings? There is a simple editing function that allows the user to select as many or as few power settings as you prefer.

The light ships with just low flash (1), high flash (5) and solid (8) active. You can remove or add more from the list at any time.

instruction manual

  • Brief Instructions
    • Charge before use
    • One end of the clear plastic housing twists off to access USB socket for charging.  Other end has red button switch inside.
    • Use USB cable for charging from computer or phone/ipod charger or similar.
    • Press switch button to turn on, or change modes.  Hold one second to turn off.
    • 1-4 soft flashes at turn-on, and turn-off indicate remaining runtime.
    • Strap and removable ties are included for universal mounting.  Or, use quick release clips available at our online store.
    • Mount with charger cap end upwards, switch end facing downwards.
    • Download and read more detailed instruction manual: Red Zone 2022.pdf.
  • Watch video showing how to edit power settings and flash modes:
    • note this video was produced in 2011 but is still valid.  When changing flash patterns in the newer versions (with runtime indicator after turn-off), be sure to wait for the flashes to stop before turning on again.

interactive 3D model

Rotate this interactive 3D model and view all aspects.