NiteFlux has been a leading Australian brand of bicycle lights since 2001, developing and manufacturing an innovative range of products for the world.

In 2018, after years of steady product refinement and testing, NiteFlux is  proud to say the Red Zone series of daytime running lights are better than ever.  These incredible lights are more than just daytime visible, they are daytime conspicuous and have the ability to change your traffic experience.  We get hundreds of reports that our customers get more room on the road and less near misses when using the Red Zone in daytime or night.

All current NiteFlux models are made in Australia using the best materials, Li-Ion batteries, high power LEDs, and high efficiency electonics.  Most importantly, these products are proved over the years; there is no substitute for extended real-world use in the pursuit of great products.

Distribution is from NiteFlux head office in Adelaide, South Australia, and for international customers, from our warehouse in Kentucky, USA.

Please contact us with any queries.

Over many years we get a lot of great feedback from customers, by email and by review on our website.  In 2018 we decided to take reviews functions off our site and engage with Instagram instead.  If you’ve got something good to say, please don’t spend time contacting us, but rather spend that time posting on your preferred social platform for your friends to see.